Ting Yu, PhD, CFA


Risk Manager, Westpac Australia

Honorary Research Fellow, School of Physics, University of Sydney, Australia

Email: tingyu.sz@gmail.com


Research Interest:  

Machine learning (deep learning and reinforcement learning), econometric forecasting, credit risk modelling, and portfolio management



PhD in Computing Science, Faculty of Information Technology, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia
Thesis: “Incorporating Prior Domain Knowledge into Inductive Machine Learning -- Its implementation in contemporary capital markets”




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Book Chapters

  1. Ting Yu, Manfred Lenzen, and Chris Dey, Large-scale Computational Modeling for Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Modeling for Sustainable Regional Development: System Approaches and Advanced Methods, Olej Vladimír, Obrsalova Ilona, Krupka Jiri, IGI Global, 2011
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Refereed Journal Articles

  1. Ting Yu, Julien Ugon, Wei Yu, A Modified Parallel Optimization System for Updating Large-size Time-evolving Flow Matrix, Information Sciences, Elsevier, 2012 (Impact Factor: 3.643, ERA Journal Ranking: B)
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  3. Ting Yu, Distributed Intelligence for Constructing Economic Models, International Journal of Organizational and Collective Intelligence, Vol 1, No 3, IGI Global, 2010

Refereed Conference Papers and other articles

  1. Ting Yu, A Case Study Of Risk Quantification in Mesoscopic Modelling Of Public Transport, The 36th Australasian Transport Research Forum (ATRF), Brisbane, 2-4 October, 2013 (ERA Conference Ranking: A)
  2. Ting Yu, Julien Ugon, and Manfred Lenzen, A Simple Parallel Projection Optimization Algorithm Estimating a Large-sized Input-Output Table for Environmental Impact Assessment, SIAM Conference on Data Mining (SDM10), Columbus Ohio, USA, 2010 (ERA Conference Ranking: A)
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